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Ritchie Rufftone

Scottish Regional & World Champion


IDA World Mixing Champion' and Scottish DMC champion, having won no less than 6 DMC championship titles. Ritchie has been teaching for DJ Academy in Scotland for the past 8 years, and is one of our most expert tutors. He is working continuously in major clubs throughout Edinburgh, and is one of the most well respected and highly skilled DJ’s in Scotland. He can teach Serato and all other DJ skills form beginner to advanced.


Rated by as one of Britain’s finest djs!!


 Ritchie says:


"I'm currently With Dj crew The Table Gimps with Dj Bunty the uk dmc supremacy champion, and dj woody who's world itf & vestax champion. I also scratch a lot at home with djs Dizzle, U-turn and Sime....who are also Dope"

DJ Ritchie Rufftone

Available for: Edinburgh


IDA World Mixing Champion

DMC UK Champion 2014

DJ Academy Organisation 2018

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