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Whilst an 8-Week Course is highly recommended as the best way to learn ALL the DJ, Mixing skills and industry secrets required to make it in the cut throat world of DJing (especially if you’re starting from scratch). We fully appreciate that not everyone enjoys learning in a classroom environment.


Time is precious and if you’ve just invested hundreds of pounds on the latest DJ equipment, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your equipment sitting there while you're waiting for the next class in your area to start.


So how would you feel if we told you we could come to you and teach you how to mix like a pro, from scratch in just 3-days at a location near you, or on your own equipment, in the comfort of your own home?

So how do we do it?


By Breaking the basic mixing process down into 3 easy to follow stages and with the full undivided attention of an experienced industry expert, we’re confident that we can have you mixing to a professional standard (if not better than your most local Club DJ’s) within 3 days and still have enough time to learn some crowd pleasing tricks.

...In fact we guarantee it!


More Flexible than an 8-Week Course


The only problem with an 8 Week course is that they’re only held 4 times a year (3 in some areas), and are only available in certain areas of the country at certain times of the year. We fully understand that not everyone can commit to attend every session due to travel, busy schedules or family commitments.


Choosing a 3 Day Fast-track course is a much more flexible way of learning. You choose the times that suit you best! You can have all three days together, or spilt them into consecutive weeks/days whatever suits your busy lifestyle best.


Focusing on YOU!


If you’ve dreamed about being a DJ for a while then I’m sure you’ll have a pretty good idea of where you want to go and how far you want to take it. Whilst some people may be happy to play a few house parties; others may dream of DJing on the International/World stage. Maybe you’re an avid Clubber who wants to go and smash your local Club/Bar or maybe you’re a producer and want to showcase your material to a wider audience.


Either way DJ Academy offers a wide range of ‘specialist’ tutors’ in ALL areas and genres of DJing from Commercial Club DJ’s to International 'World Battle’ Champions all with years of experience (Some as much as 30yrs) in the industry at your disposal so you can focus exactly on what YOU want to know and learn.


Call Andy on: 07980 915424 and discuss your needs and DJ style so we can match you with an ideal tutor.


Undivided Attention


It’s a known fact that different people learn at different rates, for some the penny might drop straight away whereas others may need to go over things a few more times or maybe look at it from a different angle or perspective before they finally get it.


With the full undivided attention of your personal trainer for the whole three days you can go over as many points as you like, as many times as you like to make sure you fully understand everything properly.


One-on-One Personal DJ Coaching sessions usually last about 5 Hours per day so after 15 hours of personal attention spread over 3 days, you should be ready to get out there and perform.


So what can you learn in 3-5 Days?


In 3-days you can learn to comfortably Beatmatch, Mix and Perform to a Club standard (even starting from scratch!).


You can learn how to mix different music styles and genres and even learn to use a microphone properly (if required).


You can learn the correct way to use a sound system and how to prevent damaging your ears, or we could help to make the most of, and get the best out of any equipment.


If you'd like to learn how to 'battle' we can teach you how to cut, scratch and perform in front of a small or large crowd.


Or we could teach you how to drive and control a dance floor so you can go out and play gigs in your local Club/bar and earn money!


The Beauty of hiring a personal tutor for 3 days is that you can get straight on to the good stuff! The stuff that YOU want to learn, it’s totally up to you!


How much does a 3 Day Course cost?


Personal One-on-One Training is not as expensive as you might think.


To hire a Personal DJ Coach for three days starts from as little as:


£397 for 3 full Days of Coaching


(Saving you £50) (Depending on area and Choice of Tutor)


So how do you book a personal Tutor?


STEP 1: Fill out the application form (below) or, Call Andy on: 07980 915424 to arrange a tutor in your area that’s right for you based on your personal needs and requirements.


STEP 2: Reserve your place by a holding Deposit of £197 via the PayPal button below.


Once you've done that we will contact you to confirm your dates, details, discuss any needs or special requirements plus answer any questions you may have.


STEP 3: Pay the remaining balance to your designated Tutor on the first day of your lessons.


All personal training sessions are only available in the U. K. Please speak to an advisor first to discuss any personal training requirements.


PLEASE Note* In order to arrange the Ideal Tutor for you, DJ Academy will often pay for your Tutor in advance. Therefore any student who misses more than one day of a 3-day session or cancels without 48 hours minimum notice will automatically lose their day


Don't struggle anymore! Fast-track your way to top!


Call Andy on: 07980 915424





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